If you were at Lost Lands Music Festival last month then you definitely heard the new groundbreaking single from SLANDER and MARAUDA featuring Elle Vee titled “Suffer.”

SLANDER ended their first-ever closing set with this killer track. What happens when these two powerful bass producers collaborate? The answer is a bone-shattering dubstep anthem that will take you to the depths of screeching heartfelt bass, also known as “Suffer!


The minds behind the SLANDER duo, Derek Anderson and Scott Land, have been dominating the dance music world with their euphoric recent releases and their labels Heaven Sent and Gud Vibrations. They are the masters of combining emotional music with heavy dubstep drops. With their sets filled with sentimental, orchestral introductions and incredible visuals and custom stages, these two are going to continue moving up in the dubstep world. Their last two releases were collaborations with heavy hitters Ganja White Night and Subtronics, two of the biggest names in modern dubstep.

MARAUDA is a well-known dubstep producer who has made a huge impression with his rail breaking, headbang-fueling sets. He has released nonstop heaters since he was seventeen on huge labels such as Never Say Die and Disciple. Catch both artists under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas, MARAUDA at the Hollywood Palladium this week with Riot Ten, and SLANDER in New York City for their Halloween show with Excision this month!

“Suffer” At Lost Lands

When I heard “Suffer” live at Lost Lands, my soul was abducted and my emotions were shot. Before SLANDER premiered it, Derek hyped us up by telling the crowd to make a wall of death on each side and to open up that pit. Elle’s familiar vocals start with lyrics about a broken relationship, making us feel every heartbreak that we have ever experienced all over again. Piano chords are heard in the background as the lyrics get deeper into losing yourself to this other person’s demons and not wanting them to make you suffer anymore. Then, SLANDER brought out MARAUDA, with the song morphing into a wave of hellish anger. Deep cutting bass builds up with added sirens going off into manic distorted drops, unleashing all the emotional madness!  Fireworks, lasers, flames all blast everywhere as our hearts get murdered! The energy is felt through the whole crowd and the mosh pits are awakened. This embodies suffering from toxic love.

“Suffer” expresses the emotions felt when you have your heart ripped out from your chest from an ex-lover and stabbed while trying to piece it back together. You experience heartbreak, misery, and pain with raging kicks and twisting melodies. It returns to the beautiful vocals and then we enter the void of rage once again. MARAUDA’s heavy touch turns this melodic song into the next dubstep heater that will make you both scream and break every rail you see! This might be SLANDER’s strongest collaboration yet and one that needs to be heard live!

Does “Suffer” help you release all your emotions out into the world? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials! We hope you liked this one as much as we did.

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