Maybe you know him from his Wook Bass In Space series, or maybe you discovered him on Vol 1 or 2 of Subsidia’s Dusk compilation albums. Either way, Cyber G has consistently given his listeners wub-fueled heaters intricately woven with experimental sound design.

With his projects also found on heavyweight labels, like 19k Sounds, he is quickly gaining steam and bringing his pensive build-ups and extraterrestrial bass to speakers near you at places like Lost Lands, Elements Festival, Big Dub, and Sound Haven. Today, Cyber G skips all the niceties and pulls up in his spacecraft saying, “get in loser, we’re going headbanging” with a new intergalactic slapper, “Rockin”.

Cyber G starts off the ride with an eerie crawl using reverberating vocals and escalating drums to motivate you to get moving. After a contemplative start, “Rockin” blasts off with sawing, accelerating bass with the type of grace and precision it takes to dodge meteors. In his signature style, Cyber G rides the line between overloading you with blaring bass and massaging your brain with gentle low-end wubs.

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