Viskus is back! The Michigan-based producer has carved out a stylish sound that had evolved over the years. He has taken on notice from big bass names such as RavenscoonMeSoSpace WizardVLCN, and loads more. Viskus has continued to release some incredible tunes, especially in 2021, where he has taken a hyperactive fusion of dubstep and bass to new heights.

Today, he returns to the GRVDNCR label to unleash the “Courage To Fly” EP. These three tracks are absolute slappers and they are guaranteed to pop off at the next show you go to!

Viskus stays true to his style as he begins with “Sorry, Not Sorry”. Starting with an unapologetically deep bassline, it’s not long until heavy percussions and a catchy melodic synth take precedence for four minutes of straight bone-rattling.

“Radar Jam” is even heavier than the previous tune. This track brings off an ominous, cartoony feel with a fresh synth like none other. The drop is one to remember, as Viskus brings forth insane energy, meshing percussions and a bassline so deep it makes you spiral down a rabbit hole.

Ending off with the title track, “Courage To Fly” takes the pace down a notch for an ear-melting journey. Viskus goes all in as he traverses the weirdest sounds you can think of. The combination of vocals, basslines, synths, and heavy drums get your head moving to the beat in the best possible way!

What did you think of this ground-breaking new Viskus EP? Listen below and let us know your thoughts on “Courage To Fly” in the comments section or on socials!

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