Jaenga returns to the Wakaan label for his brand new “Paradigms” EP. A favorite of Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan imprint, Jaenga rose to stardom by bringing his Jaenga bus to festivals across the country for after-hours performances.

On the “Paradigms” EP, Jaenga is bringing out all the stops. Recruiting the Manchester-based vocalist Nat James for two tracks, this project does a great job showcase all sides of Jaenga’s production prowess.

The new project follows Jaenga’s past Wakaan release “Tell Man What”, in collaboration with Conrank and Yizzy. We hope there is more to come from Jaenga in collaboration with the Wakaan family as they continue to blaze the trail for forward-thinking bass and dubstep producers.

Here is what Jaenga had to say about the new EP:

“I was reading a book on paradigms and how we all view the world in our own unique way. No matter how hard we try, we’ll never see things objectively, but we can at least learn to communicate in a more effective way to respect one another’s perspective — even if we don’t fully understand.

Paradigms is an EP designed for a specific mind-state. It is designed to bring high energy to whatever paradigm you live in. Its purpose is to bring you closer to whatever dream, mission or vision you are chasing — through the power of bass.” —Jaenga

What did you think of Jaenga’s “Paradigms” EP? Let us know below in the comments.

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