TINK and ROOB are two up-and-coming bass producers who have turned some heads as of late. The two young Orlando artists are colliding today for an epic new collaboration track, “Molecular Express.”

It’s artists like these who are pushing the envelope and giving the underground bass world the power it needs to continue to take over the dubstep world.

TINK and ROOB are bringing out all the stops on this new release. “Molecular Express” takes you on a thrill ride of wubs and filthy bass and you never know where it will drop you off next!

The first drop is impressive, but the second brings out that deep, burley, wall-breaking sound that makes the tune perfect for sound systems across the country.

“Molecular Express is a demonstration of both Robbie and I pushing each other to be as creative as possible. We really set no limits for ourselves with this track, being as true to ourselves as possible, making what we wanted to and just having a good time while doing so.” – TINK

We covered TINK’s masterful “Express & Destroy EP” back in 2020 and he has been a favorite of the Headbang Society collective ever since. This is ROOB’s first official release and we can’t wait for more from him!

What did you think of TINK and ROOB’s new single “Molecular Express”? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials!

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