We are entering the annual phase of seasonal movement, which means temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling. Coastal meadows are starting to grow stiff; the winds will begin to roar, and the breeze of the sea will start to thicken. Migrations of inhabitants are headed to warmer weather, or at least that’s the scene across St. Petersburg, Russia, the home base for producer and DJ Scasca.

The inspiration from the downtempo phenomenon flourishes from the mouth of the Gulf of Finland. Russian for “fairy tale”, Scasca is the artist’s theme of enchanted stimulation. A landscape of mystical forestry is painted across his speed of sound, you can hear this through every drop of detail he radiates.

After a year-long hiatus, Scasca sets sail to provide his second single, ‘Migrations’. It’s an ambient deconstruction of future garage with downtempo melodies, absorbing drum patterns, and hypnotic chops of blurred-out vocals. A breakfast beat of textured frequencies. A story of the shift of season where birds soar south above the clouds. The track itself helps you feel grounded in every sense of emotion. It fits any feeling as soon as you press play.

Here are some words from Scasca himself:

“The main element of ‘Migrations’ is the blurry wordless vocals, which evokes associations with migrating birds flying south for the winter. Carefully sequenced fast-running drums and textured organic soundscapes around them complete this sense of free movement. In 2020, when I started working on this track, we all lacked that feeling, and ‘Migrations’ was kind of an attempt to overcome closed borders.” – Scasca

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