This whole album was entirely self-written and produced, not an easy feat especially for a young artist like MAD Pritch. She has been featured on the track “Hook” with icon Wreckno, and has attracted a lot of attention from other up-and-coming artists in the electronic/bass world. We even hosted her at our Cabin Fever Festival this summer, which benefitted The Innocence Project. She performed alongside DMVU, Benji Robot and tons of other up-and-coming producers in the bass world.

Having both produced some of her own bass tracks and performed covers of notable rap tunes, this marks MAD Pritch’s first full-length effort combining the two.

The album begins with the track “The Way I Love You“, a beautiful love letter. Subtly layered lyrics married with full-bodied, expressive synths create a relaxed atmosphere, exuding feelings of supreme contentment and easy love. “In Your Head (Running Circles)” integrates some trappy influences and weaves in contrasting energy from the previous track.

Anomaly” is a vocal-less track, oscillating through listeners’ ears as if traveling through space and time. It bleeds into the title track “Life Through the Art of Love“, which is driven by a piano-focused melody. Lyrics paint a picture of someone savoring the beauty of life and individuality. “Age of Infomation” brings back the harder vibes, with stylistic elements that are reminiscent of glitchy Eprom-like sounds.

The next track integrates a selection of the elements we have seen in previous songs, melting trap beats with a lyrical piano melody. Another one without vocals, “There is Beauty All Around You” doesn’t require any to perfectly relay this message. “Walking Through Their Flame” brings back the powerful, virile emotions accompanied by synths of the same nature. Vocals on this track support this ambiance along with the message that they echo.

Roaming” and “Painted Skies” utilize dynamic modular-sounding synths, this time echoing a Bleep Bloop influence.

What was your favorite track off MAD Pritch’s new album? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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