LUZCID takes listeners through a uniquely immersive experience with a series of auditory adventures with his array of styles, including expansive, hip hop-esque, and psychedelic bass style. Today, he’s back with his brand new Magic EP.

LUZCID’s music brings you through a musical journey within bass sub-genres, connecting you deeper with those around you and an opportunity to connect and memorialize the rewards of community.

Back in July, LUZCID collaborated with Liquid Stranger for the downtempo masterpiece “Snow Melt ” released on Liquid Stranger’s sister label SSKWAN. Following up just two months ago, LUZCID’s and Jason Leech‘s single, “Magic,” released through WAKAAN, gave us a little taste of what’s to come. This collaboration is the lead and title track for LUZCID’s now released EP. 

Finally, LUZCID officially releases his spellbinding six-track Magic EP. Each song gives listeners the chance to escape time and space while being absorbed into a fantasy world. The EP tells a story starting with LUZCID’s collaboration with Jason Leech, where the main character opens a portal door in an enchanting luminous forest, with birds and butterflies flying all around her. 

While the protagonist roams around, she finds herself emerging into an alternative universe in “The Ancient Forest.” Abruptly, the scenery changes into a dark and gloomy vision while a peculiar pair of eyes start to watch her in “Goosebumps.” 

LUZCID collided with Jizzy Fra’s for “Crunch,” with drop hits and splicing bass chops, as the lead character is collapsing into the frozen ice.  In an effort to elude, she is wedged into the dark and gloomy vision. Once she reaches the bottom of the lake, “Just Flow”  follows the story as she becomes comfortable and flows under as she starts to dissect the mystic waters.

The story ends with “Save Me”, as she stumbles upon an underwater castle where a stranger wishes for help as melodious bells bring her towards that unknown figure, and closing out the mystical new EP.

Here’s what LUZCID had to say about his new Magic EP:

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