AN TY [pronounced Ann-TIE] is bending the space-time continuum with his euphoric ambiance from the future. Remnants of the soul have become the structured backbone to each beat, sustained by parallels of chill bounce and tranquil future-trap. Family to Bonsai Collective, AN TY has enhanced his divine artistry with another beam of eloquent perplexity.

Reigning from the waves of Virginia Beach, the artist has proven that his sound holds the power to help you feel grounded. Sensations from the depths of the ocean to the peaks of the atmosphere fuel every beat. He has served as a staple to communities like Souletiquette., The Smile High Club, and Night Swim Radio, with a total track count at over sixty slices. Coming off his newest effort, ‘beam’, he has announced we have all entered the next chapter of AN TY.

beam’ bounces through ethereal chambers of ambient echoes and euphoric keynotes to harvest harmony.

With ‘beam’, AN TY renders what it’s like when the raindrop you’ve been following down your window races to the edge. It’s a full-circle moment that provides everlasting enlightenment to the present moment.

Clouds come through at the end of the piece to slow down the exit. The feelings are sporadic, emphasizing music’s role of realism in our daily life.

A future beat brought from another world; a bouncy rhythm reincarnated from another universe.

The snares weigh the track down over punctual kicks and mesmerizing synths. It’s more than just a beat, it’s instrumental. And it’s refreshing. It’s a reminder to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and to remain loyal to your roots. With every track AN TY produces, he ambitions listeners to slide away from their circadian paradigms and allow fresh thoughts to transpire. His musical guidance flows like water. It’s uniquely natural.

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