HEXED is an up-and-coming Las Vegas producer who has been carrying around that HEAT lately. Today, we teamed up with him to premiere his new single “Gold,” a hybrid trap banger sure to turn heads around the bass world.

HEXED recently opened up for bass maestro ill.gates on tour and he has worked with esteemed labels like Left Coast Xtracts and Headbang Society. Now, he’s linking up with the Wubaholics label for his new heater “Gold.” It also features vocal from King Marino.

On “Gold”, he’s bringing out all the stops. Leaving dancefloors shattered and jaws on the ground, this track is another example of the production prowess of HEXED. Here’s what he had to say:

“For a while, this song started as a remix of All Gold Everything by Trinidad James. I liked the melody so much I decided to hit up King Marino for original vocals. I gave him a concept and he sent me back the 8 bars you hear on the opening verse. It took me a few months before I seriously tried to make them work on this beat because I knew I still needed a hook. I found a way to chop them up to make sense and ended up spending a lot of time producing this one. I finished it 2 or 3 times, but kept going back in and redoing sections of the song. This might have been the most time-consuming project for me to produce because I put max effort into every detail. I am really proud of the vibe this record was able to capture. It sounds like money to me.”

What did you think of his new single from Wubaholics? Let us know your thoughts on “Gold” by HEXED below!

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