Omar Davis is the mastermind behind the MK project, who has recently made history with some of the most accelerating accomplishments one could possibly dream of. It has been marked down in the archives of electronic dance music that Moore Kismet is now the youngest artist to ever perform at Lollapalooza and the first agender artist to perform at EDC Las Vegas.

At just sixteen years old, Omar has used the sounds of “beautiful chaos” to symbolize the indefinite need for justice and equality for all people in all places. A true gift from the universe, MK is just getting started with plans to take over the world.

What a year for Moore Kismet

The sound of Moore Kismet renders the lawlessness in bass music. It is essentially celestial turmoil. It is mayhem released from the heavens. It is a cosmic fusion of mystic melodies and destructive basslines. It is something the scene has never heard before as we envision the sounds to symbolize the world as we know it, and beyond.

Their newest album, titled Universe, is set to release in 2022

Today, Moore Kismet presents us with the fifth single off Universe, titled “Call Of The Unicorn”, in collaboration with good friend Tasha Baxter. The track speaks to the spirit of those who are hoping for a better future. It’s a gentle yet vivid reminder that you are not alone with your struggles.

Filled with floating echoes of melodic madness, the masterpiece unexpectedly drops you to your knees with crucial and crushing breakdowns. We get two, very unique, carefully crafted drops; the entire three minutes and ten seconds will leave you thinking… “b**** what?!”.

A day before the release, Moore Kismet shared with Instagram some sincere words about the project:

I have written approximately 127 versions of UNIVERSE. yep. you read that right. 127 versions of my debut album have been created. new tracks have been written, tracklists have changed, and more details have been added.

out of every version I’ve written, the one track that has always stayed exactly where it was since it was first created was Call of the Unicorn. it was the first song I ever wrote for this album and now it gets to be the last of my original releases this year. go presave it now before Friday hits! hope you guys are as excited as I am!– Moore Kismet

Call Of The Unicorn” from Moore Kismet featuring Tasha Baxter is out now via Thrive Music on all streaming platforms. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. Let us know your thoughts below or tag us on our socials!

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