Droeloe emerges back into the scene with his latest release, ‘Strangers.’ This uplifting track is the perfect addition to any playlist. In 2020, Droeloe was known as the magnification duo that featured Vincent Rooijers and Hein Hamers. The Dutch artists parted ways leaving Hamers to create a separate more visual-based project while Rooijers continued the Droeloe project.

Rooijers has been working constantly, keeping the Droeloe project alive and well. His recent release ‘Strangers’  features the soothing vocals of Iris Penning. She has appeared on various tracks prior to this so she isn’t a stranger to the ever-immersive Droeloe project. Through the uplifting beats and the bright synths, “Strangers” is the perfect addition to any EDM fan’s playlist and another exhilarating release to add to Droeloe’s quickly growing artillery of bangers.

Despite the year coming to a close, Droeloe is currently making the best of it through his European tour. His tour, Unexpected Odyssey, is making various stops with the stellar support of Laxcity, Salute, and Taska Black. 

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