Six years ago, an unspecified sensation released a SoundCloud parcel straight into the universe that instantaneously opened a new-fangled void of electronic ecstasy. He is a musician, producer, DJ, and visual artist that goes by the name of whereisalex. You may have discovered the icon many years back with his soulful guitar-plucked “drake flow., his organic and future-gospel be your girl., or his chilled-out soul food, “i wish you loved me.”. You may recognize his work from his very-own “black radio” series where he re-designs a plethora of classics and childhood roots. You may have even recently discovered the phenomenon through his latest breakout single, “Shine”. Regardless of how, and if, you’re familiar with him, it’s crucial to become acquainted. It’s 2022, and whereisalex is still here and relevant as he dents into the new year with an all-original, future-bounce beat, “it was all bad”.

The unique and irreplaceable mechanism about whereisalex is the inclusive intersectionality of his project’s entirety. It’s important to recognize the cultural representation within his origin; it’s what makes his comprehensive sound so utterly matchless. His soundscape pays homage to classical backgrounds of orchestral atmospheres including gospel, R&B, soul, and even jazz. He is a true innovation; the way he has fabricated a whole new realm of electronic music is metaphorically prodigious.

The mystic impact of whereisalex is limitless

We’re excited to join whereisalex on his next chapter through sound. From the start of his project, he has proven he can master a classic with any acapella he can get his hands on. He has shown us the adaptation of gospel and soul into electronic music and has even unleashed a few singles with completely original vocals, such as his Lowly. assisted hit “Alone” featuring ROLE MODEL.

Last year, we got to see an audio-visual side of his project on the Brownies and Lemonade Open Aux live stream. He released a few novelties as well, such as his official remix to Kilamanzego‘s “Anxiety“, a future beats influenced original “Cycling“, and even an exclusive single that reached over a million plays on Spotify alone, “Shine“.

Today, whereisalex gives us even more originality to ponder over. “it was all bad” is a chill-trapped-out, future beats track with bubbles and bounce. Streams of vocal chops flood over the soundscape, creating a mystical wave of emotional energy, powerful enough to bring tears to the eyes. It helps ascend your mind up and out of the body, through the clouds, and out into the universe. But don’t worry, the guides of soundwaves gently bring you back down to earth, leaving you happier and healthier than you ever were before.

We hope you enjoy “it was all bad” from whereisalex just as much as we did. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tag us on our socials!

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