Starting the year off on a sentimental note, heavy-hitter Super Future shares his new EP, “Goddess,” dedicated to his wife, Ellie. 

“You always hear about the hard work and sacrifice that the artist gives, but not nearly enough do we hear about the even GREATER love, effort, and sacrifice that a partner gives for their musician. I just wanted to shine light on her and remind everyone that I would be nothing without the one who lifts me up and fills me with the love I need every damn day of this journey.” – Super Future

The EP covers both hype and moody as well as downtempo and intimate. The first track, “3XTACY”, starts things off with a very slow build. Arpegiations and rolling low-end give way to a gritty in your face and in your feelings bassline. The knockiness of the drums and sustained bass make this one engulf you.

Always” has a much more affectionate tone. You can feel how Super Future sought to express his love with each layer rolling and sweeping into the next. Soft arpeggiations and airy vocals are a theme of this EP and they are used well in tandem with ear candy intricately placed throughout.

The last effort is a remix of Count Me In” by THEY. The lyrics from the original elaborate on this EP as a love letter. It demonstrates how effectively Super Future is dialed into precise trap beats and deep emotional wubs. The way the vocals and bass is articulated together make this piece both fulfilling and engaging.

“Goddess” is a really nice moment created for us by Super Future.  It says something about his ability to use lived experiences to enrich his music and connect with us both in our playlists or on the dancefloor.

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Intimate Bass, Crying In The Club, Moody Trap

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