Two fire artists to watch, Player Dave and sumthin sumthin, have teamed up to give us a beautiful new single dubbed “Narrow“. Both artists have had some recent releases, with Player Dave dropping the silky drum and bass tune “Part of Me” a couple months ago, and sumthin sumthin joining forces with saka on their track “Damage“. You can read about our thoughts on that Saka collab here!

These two up and comers have massive futures ahead of them and are acts we always jump on the opportunity to cover. This newest work is near and dear to both artists’ hearts, as we had the opportunity to get exclusive insight into the track and its production:

“This tune is so special because it seems like whenever PD and I come together to create something, it sounds entirely different from our own personal projects — I think Narrow reflects how much fun we have in the studio and how much we’re willing to let go in the process” – sumthin sumthing

“We started this tune at my family’s cabin in Yosemite. I brought up my whole studio and we locked ourselves in a room all day long writing the whole first part of the tune. We then met back up almost a year later and wrote the last drop. This song has a huge place in both our hearts” – Player Dave

Narrow” starts with effervescent synths melting into your ears, with the melody ringing through as a gentle reminder. The bass then kicks in to move the song along, breathing life into the dreaminess. Then in the second half of the work things step up another notch, with the rolling bassline building even more so and kicks that hit in just the right way.

This track is a work of art, and I for one certainly can not wait to hear it played out at Lightning in a Bottle, where you can catch Player Dave, or on LSDream‘s Peace, Luv and Wubz tour, where you can catch Sumthin Sumthin!

Did you love this new collab as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below and on our socials!

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