Get ready to enter NGHTMRE’s next portal of music! He is back with his third EP, UNSOUND, out now through Gud Vibrations!

NGHTMRE is always evolving his sound and experimenting with different sub-genres of dance music. Ever since he announced his upcoming album, DRMVRSE, we have been impatiently waiting for his next chapter to begin. The prelude is finally here in the form of his UNSOUND EP and features the various production talents of Ray VolpeRosie DarlingRNSOMDavis, and Deadlyft.

You can hear all the releases from the UNSOUND EP live at his upcoming shows, including three shows at Omnia in Las Vegas, Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado, and his first headlining show at Red Rocks on April 15th!

If you joined NGHTMRE’s EP listening party on discord, then you caught everyone who contributed mentioning how much they enjoyed working with NGHTMRE and the hard work and love put into each track on the UNSOUND EP.

The EP kicks off with “Signal” which beams you to another world as Ray Volpe’s sound is mixed in perfectly. Your mind will tingle in response to the explosion of kicks, beats, and vocals as you enter NGHTMRE’s new world. You will jump and headbang until the beautiful piano outro softly drifts into silence and soothes your soul.

Then, your mind takes in “Euphoria”, a beautiful melodic tune. The vocals and chops are that of an insane dream. This track is for the melodic-bass lovers for sure.

Just as you get into your feelings, “Sweetest Thing” will have you dancing and falling in love. The lyrics are full of passion and hearing this more dance-pop tune showcases how NGHTMRE can excel in any genre he decides to delve into.

Ending the UNSOUND EP, “Ring The Alarm” ties it all together with NGHTMRE and Deadlyft’s heavy bass abilities. This is the headbanging heater that reminds you of how heavy NGHTMRE can go with his work.

Together, these four tracks start to tell a story with different emotions that all connect so well. We are so ready for NGHTMRE’s new chapter and hope you are too.

Here is what NGHTMRE had to say about his third EP, UNSOUND:

“The UNSOUND EP is a bit of a preface for my upcoming album. I have been working on lots of new music throughout the year and these are some of my favorite collaborations I’ve done! I think the EP has a perfect balance of heavy, festival-ready tunes, as well as some more easy listening melodic. Everyone who worked on this EP is incredibly talented and I think deserves more recognition for their work. I hope this EP brings to light some of the amazing under-appreciated artists who helped write this music.” – NGHTMRE

Did NGHTMRE’s UNSOUND EP get you as hyped as it did us? Listen below and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials!

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