Wolf-E-Wolf is a name who has been around the block and is finally making a name for himself in this constantly moving bass world. The Arkansas producer’s music has been supported by some of the hottest names in bass music for years, ranging from Liquid Stranger to Dirt Monkey to Jantsen. His tunes have also been released on powerhouse labels like Wakaan, 19K, Sleeveless Records, and Gravitas Recordings.

Today, he is linking up with Mersiv‘s MorFlo Records for his new Dream System EP. The Colorado-based label has been home to some of the hottest up-and-comers in the bass space like SuperAve, Smoakland, Meduso, and more.

For his new Dream System EP, Wolf is bringing out all the stops. Featuring three unique and ground-breaking tunes, one of which features heavyweight bass producer and HIHF favorite illanthropy, this project absolutely smacks. Exquisite synths blast through your eardrums on “Deprogram,” which starts off the EP.

After that is the amorphous collision course titled “Chronos,” which brings together the stylings of both Wolf-E-Wolf and illanthropy. Expect this one to be dropped on festival stages and nightclubs around the country for the remainder of 2022.

Last, but certainly not least, is “Don’t Want To Wake Up”. It’s the perfect finale to this complex work of art and another testament to Wolf’s production prowess, seamlessly closing out the EP with harmonious synthwork and basslines. Here is what Wolf-E-Wolf had to say about Dream System:

“I’ve been working on this EP collectively for around 2 years. I often work on large batches of tunes, like 10 to 20 at a time and slowly piece together the ones that cohesively make sense as an EP or album. Sometimes I’ll start a track, knock out the main concept, sideline it for months, then come back to it with fresh ears and new techniques to push it across the finish line. For Dream System I really wanted each intro to have a fully atmospheric vibe that could paint a picture in your head of the world it belongs within.

When illanthropy first brought up the idea of collaborating, he sent me a batch of rough sketches he started. I immediately fell in love with the sketch that’s now been transformed into Chronos. He was stoked because collaborators typically would go for the heavier/banger tunes (which I also love!) but I think he’s super talented with making beautiful melodies, so Chronos was the one! We each took turns chipping away at it for what seemed like a year until we were both satisfied with the final result. It fits perfectly alongside the other two tracks on the EP so I couldn’t be happier to include it on Dream System.” – Wolf-E-Wolf

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