Multi-talented artist Deafadil is back with a bass anthem “Hot Flow“, a track made to set the dancefloor on fire. Out on Partica Artist Group, this work features high-energy vocals and an infectious beat. Creator Deafadil has been hard at work over the past year, releasing an EP titled “Wake_mecha” in addition to many other singles. He has multiple affiliations with notable names such as inner.sus, Eclectic Imprint, Solace Family, and many more collectives rampantly repping the bass scene.

Catch him representing the latter two at The Untz Festival this spring! He also curates his own playlist dubbed Hearing Protection filled with amazing sounds that any electronic fan should check out.

In addition to music, this gifted human is also a talented visual artist, designing 3D symbols and visuals for powerhouse artists like Subtronics and others. Recently breaking through Audius’ top 15 trending charts, this guy is going places, and fast!

This latest installment of his work is sure to tear up your ears (in the best way possible). Here’s what Deafadil had to say about it:

This was a track that just started as a simple goofy hip hop beat, and eventually got beefed up into a more of a club/set-ready tune. I’m stoked on how it came out even with how ignorant it is (lol) and am very stoked to have Partica be the home for this one.” – Deafadil

Starting off with a forboding buildup, “Hot Flow” leaves listeners on the edge of their seats before diving headfirst into some filthy trap wubs worthy of your best bass face. The distinct hip-hop influence entices listeners out of their seats with contagious energy you can’t help but dance to. This continues into the second drop, which delivers intricate trappy beats sewed together seamlessly by the heavy bassline. With this much talent at the tender age of twenty-three, the sky is the limit for this brilliant up-and-coming artist! We couldn’t be more excited to watch him grow.

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