Based in Hong Kong, Farrah ascends all barriers as her soundwaves transmit frequencies across the globe. Electroshock currents of cinematic synergy travel through oceans as she navigates her way through the bass, trap, and electronic dance scene. Her electrifying sound design is immaculate, creating high tides in a sea of stillness. The originality from Farrah is transparent through every track she releases, including her brand new remix of the Lil Nas X track, “Industry Baby.

Farrah has gained well-deserved recognition through her enigmatic remixes diffused across Soundcloud. Since then, she has enhanced her discography with an already-stacked roster of label releases, such as Jadū Dala, Bassrush, Electric Hawk, Above & Below, and BrednButter. Farrah is no stranger to us over here at HIHF, either. She stopped by in 2021 with an all-time favorite Guest Mix that we still, to this day, have on repeat.

Farrah brings us into 2022 with a house-infused remix of the iconic Lil Nas X track, “Industry Baby

A house remix of Lil Nas X? There’s truly no better way to spice up your catalog. Hymns of Lil Nas X vocals glide over recycling synths and pounding kicks as the flip builds up to an unexpected drop of bass-melded house. Echoed slaps of snare drums smack you with a not-so-gentle reminder of her critically elemental trap roots. It’s an all-around surprise trip of a tune, as she reiterates that she will never stay inside a boxed genre.

We hope you enjoyed the “Industry Baby” remix from Farrah just as much as we did! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials.

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