Kentucky native Raydium is back at it again, delivering fans his latest high-powered masterpiece to satiate your hunger for drum and bass. Not long ago, he dropped his debut track, “dayum,” which put him on the map as an up and comer in the wild world of Drum & Bass. Now, Raydium has unleashed his new track, “RIME,” a fun and upbeat DnB jam with a powerful meaning behind it.

“Popping in throughout the song are lyrics that draw your attention to a very serious threat in our community, tinnitus. Tinnitus, commonly felt as “Ringing In My Ears” – RIME, is a concern for everyone that is a music lover. Those of us who love music love it loud. We need to feel it. This track is meant to make you feel the music, dance like a fool, and remind us ALL that we need to wear our earplugs to festivals and shows! I hope you all enjoy the journey and protect your ears so we can continue doing what we love for many years to come.” – Raydium

“RIME” opens up with airy synth tones, casually building in harmony with the increasing tempo. As the bass kicks in, the track takes a turn into a bouncier, dance-inducing beat. Throughout “RIME,” you are reminded of the meaning behind its purpose within itself, there to show you that you can enjoy and feel the music and be wise as you do it. 

Raydium has a creative way of making Drum & Bass music individual to his unique style. This rising star will soon be making a name for himself as he continues to crank out heat.

We love the positive message Raydium delivers through “RIME,”  reminding listeners that as much as we love to experience music, we need to take care of ourselves and be mindful of our safety. 

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