We have been a big supporter of Yewz for a long time and for good reason. The Arizona-based producer had a very strong showing in 2021, most notably his three-track banger EP Stank Face. He also has released with labels like Electric Hawk and Wubaholics, and has collabed with Ravenscoon and INF1N1TE, to add to his stellar resume. Today, we have the pleasure of linking with Yewz for a HIHF premiere of his new track, “Diamonds”.

“Diamonds ” takes a different approach to Yewz’s normal experimental style. Opting for the halftime subgenre, he immediately begins the track with a catchy percussion beat. Basslines, wobbles, and vocal samples proceed as Yewz continues to pick up that energy.

For two minutes, your ears are thrown into a blender and stuck in a vortex. It’s another track by the up-and-comer that comes together perfectly and showcases the talent he possesses moving forward. Yewz definitely has a big future ahead of him, so keep your eye on this exciting up and comer!

Here’s what he had to say about making “Diamonds”:

“Before I wrote this tune I wanted to find my way back to the weird and wobbly music that I pull a lot of inspiration from as an artist. I have been making tons of music with totally different vibes lately, but when I made Diamonds I wanted to bring back the aggressive sounds and weird vibes – and of course the beats that knock.” -Yewz

What did you think of this new banger of a tune from Yewz? Check it out below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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