Coming in hot after the compilation In Unity, Electric Hawk shares with us their “Stank Face” EP courtesy of Mesa, AZ producer YEWZ. This will be the young bass prodigy’s second release of the year, following “Money” via the fellow upcoming label Wubaholics.

Our team over at HIHF is loving the way YEWZ is kicking off 2021!  We’ve got this steaming hot EP on repeat this Friday morning. It’s clear this up and coming producer has a big future ahead of him, collaborating with the likes of Ravenscoon and Thicc Boy, and receiving support from huge bass names like Liquid Stranger and loads others.

Stank Face” comes correct with the big boi beat and OG dubstep vibes. This sinister, slithery banger turns on listeners quickly and hits you with a wall of murky wubs and colossal bass. Make sure you stretch your face beforehand, you’ll be sure to be making that stanky bass-face throughout the whole listen. Don’t let it get stuck like that!

One, Two (feat. Lowkea)” is the epic hip hop, wobbly dubstep collaborative anthem you didn’t know you needed in your collection. Linking up with rapper Lowkea, these two artists created a masterpiece that we can’t wait to hear be slung around live. Big wobbles and flawless rhymes mixed together beautifully and filthily grace your ears in this joint. 

Creator (feat. Lowkea)” brings a beefy feel of attitude immediately. This beat still goes deeper, showcasing disgusting basslines and a drop so bursting with trapped out wubs that it will consume your entire being. Sitting on top of the verse, Lowkea masterfully executes clean and precise rhymes on top of rhymes. We’re keeping our ears and eyes open for both of these young stars! 

Let us know your thoughts of YEWZ’s new “Stank Face EP” in the comments below, and send us your biggest, meanest mug while listening to your favorite track on Twitter!


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