Knock2 is back with a fresh release off Sable Valley Records with his latest single, “Jade” and boy oh boy does it RIP!

San Diego Waterboy and genre-bending producer Knock2 is bringing the heat yet again with “Jade“, his latest single release. While Knock2 has been making some of the most innovative trap and trap-adjacent tracks over the last few years, he didn’t crack into the scene in a big way until his and ISOxo’s Sable Valley debut, “Radial“. “Radial” was the formal announcement that the San Diego Waterboys (ISOxo, Knock2RemK, FrostTop, and ALEKO) were ready to play in the big leagues. Ever since then, these fellas, but especially Knock2, have been releasing nothing but pure gas. Ironic because their group’s name is water-based, but accurate nonetheless.

While a man of many talents, Knock2 has been carving out a lane for himself by making high bpm tracks with elements that pull both from House and Trap. This combined with some of his idiosyncratic vocal manipulations (pitched-up and sped-up) has created a unique and recognizable sound across his many releases.

His first release was in 2018 but it’s clear that he has been a master of sound design for a long time because from the get-go he’s built a prevalent style that stands out and seperates himself from the pack. Songs like PARANOID” and dashstar*” highlight the virulent energy he brings to his tracks. Anytime a Knock2 track gets played out the whole venue jumps out of the gym. Each release is highly anticipated. This brings us to “Jade“.

There are few songs that would be accurately described as an “absolute missile” but that is the only fitting designation for this one. “Jade” is a perfect epitome of the kind of heat that Sable Valley has become known for since its debut and it represents an amazing accomplishment for Knock2 as well. The track uses classic Knock2 pitched-up vocal samples and a drop that is absolutely devastating. With some of the highest energy and hardest hitting drops of his discography, Knock2 has turned a corner with this one and I speak for fans everywhere when I say I cannot wait to overplay the bejesus out of this song in the coming months.

Check out “Jade” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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