Today marks the beginning of a new era for Denver-based Dubstep Artist THRASHA as she debuts a brand new project with her monstrous first single “ENDGAME“.

After spending a few years producing and DJing under the alias, MVSKA, Cheyenne Muska is turning a new leaf with a full-throttle Dubstep project titled THRASHA. While she is not entirely new to the game, this first single launches a brand new project for the producer who has experience playing serious support slots for the likes of Mersiv and SuperAve. While building a career for herself, she mentions struggling to see the success in her early days but being extremely motivated to pursue this endeavor full time after winning the coveted Electric Forest Price Cart Contest in 2018.

She began her career in Grand Rapids while producing under a different alias, but after a meet and greet with NGHTMRE she was fully inspired to go full time into this new dubstep direction. After watching a video of NGHTMRE describing his journey to the upper echelon he now occupies, she realized that if he could do it, so could she. Additional influences she noted in an interview from mp3-mag were Kompany, SampliFire, and Eliminate. While those served as early inspirations for her, she is now leaning into more experimental elements in her productions with the goal to push her sound in a new direction.

ENDGAME” marks the beginning of the THRASHA project and it does so with an incredible amount of energy and creativity. The track serves as an outstanding debut for the producer as it stays true to the heart of the genre while meshing new and familiar elements in a cohesive manner. This first effort under the new alias nails the flow of energy with immaculate builds and subsequent releases that keep the listener hooked for the entire three minutes and change. With this powerful debut, THRASHA remains one of our up-and-comers to watch and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

Check out “ENDGAME” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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