Valentino Khan is back with fresh new sounds on his pkg EP. Festival season is right around the corner and Khan wanted to spice things up a bit. The trio of tracks on this EP is sure to assist in unleashing any pent-up feelings from your time in quarantine. The highlight of this EP is surely the single “Bloodbath” in collaboration with dubstep demon Eptic and iconic hip-hop vocalist Lil Jon.

On “Bloodbath”, you can really hear the stapled dubstep sounds of Belgian producer Eptic paired with that bass house style from Khan, finished off with Lil Jon‘s signature aggressive vocals. The vocals of the OG rapper work perfectly with the tune’s unyielding electronic beat. This track is an undeniable festival anthem!

The rest of the pkg EP is full of fire as well, with tracks “Hurricanrana” and “Baja Blast.” The spicy collab between Psycho Boys Club and Khan is sure to hit in “Baja Blast.” Here’s what Khan had to say about the new project:

“I wanted to put together a release strictly for all the ravers out there.  In the midst of all my house music releases, I felt like switching it up to a more aggressive style for a moment.  These records are all heavy DJ tools that I want all of my peers to bang out in their sets.

I’m particularly proud of the lead single “Bloodbath” with Lil Jon and Eptic.  Those are two people I’ve wanted to work with for years and Jon’s vocals are insane on this track.  “Baja Blast” is a record I did with Psycho Boys Club, a couple of talented producers who are fast on the rise.  I made Hurricanrana coming out of the lockdowns and wanted to tap into the feeling that festival season is back.”  – Valentino Khan

Khan is really excited to leave his mark in the EDM world during this 2022 festival season! What did you think of loaded collab single “Bloodbath” and the rest of his EP? Let us know on socials or in the comments below.

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