Zak Fallen is a brand new producer on the scene based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. This week, he emerges onto the bass music world with his debut single “The Change,” an emotionally charged, mid-tempo metal fusion track about the existential dread of global warming.

Zak Fallen brings guitar riffs and the characteristic heavy but complex sound of metal to his music, combined with melodic mid-tempo beats to create an interesting and unique sound. “The Change” introduces us to the fascinating sound of a fresh new producer, and if his first track is any indication, Zak Fallen will go far in this community. This one is for fans of Sullivan King, PhaseOne, or even Excision or Rezz.

The track begins with a series of vocal samples drawn from news coverage of global warming-related events. Voices recount droughts, wildfires, and various other climate disasters with urgency and distress apparent, as a synth line weaves between their words and an ominous guitar riff builds towards the first drop. The first drop has classic mid-tempo pacing, a staccato synth underlies a cutting guitar riff, with the guitar beginning to play off the synths around a minute into the song. The levels drop for a vocal segment before the second drop, a voice stating “no matter how much money you have, everyone’s gotta breath the same air” as well as speaking about making small changes to combat global warming. The second drop is more melodic, with a clean and energetic synth arrangement layered over guitar and drums. The track cools off, with piano notes gently playing as the song fades down and concludes.

What did you think of “The Change”? Do you think Zak Fallen will become a household name in bass music one day? Let us know on our socials or in the comments below!

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