Vastive is an up-and-coming dubstep producer who has a knack for fusing heavy metal stylings with whomping dubstep firepower. The young Northern Virginia artist has seen support from the likes of the biggest names in dubstep, ranging from Kayzo to Excision to NGHTMRE to Phaseone to Sullivan King.

He is no stranger to being on stage, as he was the lead singer and frontman of a metal band in the past. Today, he is linking up with HIHF for a brand new premiere of his next neck-breaking banger!

For this exclusive HIHF Premiere, Vastive is connecting with the masked dubstep phenom Bear Grillz and his Rude Service label! We get an early listen today for “Run It” off Vastive’s upcoming Rude Service assisted EP. “Run It” encapsulates the stylings this young producer has become well known for.

Abrasive bass fills your speakers just to knock you down to the ground, picking you back up and letting you know what time it is. It’s time to “Run It.” Here is what he had to say about his newest release:

“This tune without a doubt musically illustrates the battle I had to fight in order to wholeheartedly give in to this new direction I found myself in when combing my two favorite genres, metal and dubstep. I was nervous and definitely had some cold feet. I care so much about both genres, but I knew there was this spark in the air, and with that spark, I knew I really had to raise the standard and do things I’d never done before. Every section is a play-by-play of how I felt throughout this moment in my life. The cool thing is, I do this scream in the intro and it’s actually one of the first vocal recordings I did after spending years away from the mic doing any metal shit. It’s like everything came full circle from that moment to now. This is also the first track where things fully slow down with a whisper of “you know what to do” right before it kicks in. This was absolutely the voice inside my head at this time in my life and the first time I felt like I truly found a new purpose.” – Vastive

What did you think of Vastive’s newest work, “Run It”? Let us know down low in the comments! Presave his new EP here.

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