After an appearance on LSDREAM’s Peace Love and Wubz tour, musical maven Osyris is back and continues to impress us with her ability to build multiverses through sound. This multi-talented Producer, DJ, Musician, Audio and Mastering engineer, Photographer, Videographer, and tons more, combines all of her skills to conjure a unique universe for each and every track she creates.

Along with the aural sphere she apparates for each tune, the releases are often paired with or inspired by their own personalized visual story. Today’s release, “Lonely Waters,” is no different.

Osyris opens “Lonely Waters” with harrowing synths reminiscent of a clock ticking, building tension as each moment passes. Layered with an ominous sample and slithering glitches, the tune quickly escalates and releases us into crashing waves of bass. “Lonely Waters” is dark and brutal where the deep and meditative bass pulls you under and drowns you in its visceral vibrations. Here are some of Osyris’ own thoughts while creating the release:

“This song I started writing after I found this vocal talking about the hidden depths of water which at the time was to warn kids not to go in lakes and ponds because they were dirty. It was something I thought was really dark, creepy, but also interesting. At the time I wrote this it just flowed to become this haunting piece. Sometimes when I write music I get inspired by the vision of what the photos, music video, story, and all around art will look like and then write the song to fit the vision inside my head rather than write a song and try to figure out what the vision looks like after.”

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