When “Black Holes” dropped, we said Osyris has a knack for choosing the best vocal samples to properly mesmerize you. What we were not prepared for was when Osyris would pick the best-fitting Vocalists to feature on her track to get us off our asses and moving. The space and time architect has been building her discography full of out-of-this-world heaters bridging across Bass and Trap, sometimes a little bit of both. Today, she builds on that and adds her first track to feature vocals “Shaken Senses.”

The first rapper featured on “Shaken Senses” is Prodigal Vybz who offers the hypnotic hook. Then there’s The Lyrik who takes the track from hypnotic to hype in the matter of a few bars. Together, the rappers complement each other’s styles and command the track effortlessly.

“Creating this song I had the intention of finding some artists to either sing or rap on this track. One day I met my first feature ‘Prodigal Vybz’ and he invited me to this 8 hour studio session where I could come with a bunch of tracks and meet people in the session and record them on the spot. There were probably about 10 people all together in the studio and one of those people was my second feature ‘The Lyrik’. After hearing both of them do what they do, I knew immediately that I wanted the both of them to write to this track. Prodigal Vybz brought this insanely energetic energy to the session. Before we started the session we all sat in a circle and he said this extremely moving prayer asking his higher power to make sure we had a crazy session filled with creative vibes. When it was time to record, both of them went inside the booth and absolutely killed their verses. When Lyrik was in the booth he completely murdered his verse in ONE take and the entire studio just started screaming. It was one of the most impressive things I’d ever seen. If you listen closely to the end of the track, you can hear Prodigal Vybz chanting which I had to keep in the track because it was such a raw moment that really brought this track to life. So grateful to finally share this one with the world after over a year of tweaking it and getting it to its final stage. As far as the music video, I (Osyris) directed and edited it and the extremely talented Photographer/Videographer for all of our promo shots and video is PHLLOW. The four of us had such a strong vision for this song and I couldn’t vouch enough for all these talented, unique, and amazing humans. Make sure to check out what all of these talented folks are up to.”

Shaken Senses” is an epic evolution of Osyris’ sound. The track is undoubtedly bewitching in a way that is recognizably Osyris while adding elements never seen in her music before. The addition of Prodigal Vybz and The Lyrik takes “Shaken Senses” from a bass heater to the next level. Osyris is an expert at taking a sample and emerging it into her world and this track is no different, where the track stands out on its own while lending a spotlight to each rapper.

What do you think of Osyris, Prodigal Vybz, and The Lyrik’s “Shaken Senses”? Be sure to take a listen and let us know what you think on our socials or down below in the comments!

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