Today, we are here to discuss a new name in Electronic Music, Santiago, as he debuts a brand new dreamy single, “Closer.

We love to cover the brand-new names in dance music at Heard it Here First. Today’s post is about someone who you probably haven’t heard of yet but will be hearing a lot from in the coming times. Diego, aka Santiago, is an LA-based producer who just released his debut single on April 22nd. His sound is reminiscent of that staple airy, bouncy future bass that fans have come to love over the past few years and his single, “Closer,” hits the nail right on the head for this sub-genre.

When talking about how he produced the song, he began with the idea to create something “powerful, yet emotional” a classic trope of the subgenre he is producing in. With that in mind, he began with the simple chords and started experimenting with some melodies. From there he was able to find a drop quickly. This is a sign of a great producer as he was able to pull from a key idea, and then use the vision for the song to pull together the rest of the arrangement.

No one can speak to a song better than the artist themself, so here’s Santiago discussing the vision for the track and how he pulled it together:

Closer is essentially a love song about the realisation that we don’t have all the time in the world, which is why we have to cherish the moments left together. Starting with a dreamy atmosphere, blended with the vocals of LA based singer Pauline Herr, the track transitions into an energetic build up. This section is followed by a powerful, bass-driven drop with a fast-paced, emotionally charged melody. The second drop is less energetic, yet still emotionally charged and more atmospheric. – Santiago

Check out “Closer” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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