INZO and Carbin are two of the most exciting names in the world of bass music, and now, they’ve come together to produce a haunting new track dubbed “Awaken”, out on Lowly. Records.

Hailing from the United States, Carbin is a household name in dubstep, beginning to release music in 2015 with his track “Can’t Even.” Carbin has been responsible for smash hits such as “Cold Case” with Typhon, Grill Kill” with K-Nine, and “Boss” with AFK. He has headlined festivals and toured the US, bringing his wonky, heavy sound to the masses.

INZO began learning piano at four years old, quickly becoming a musical prodigy. He is known for his light and euphoric melodies, as well as his sophisticated percussion. Beginning to produce electronic music over five years ago, INZO has swiftly risen to fame, particularly with the help of his breakout single “Overthinker”.  He’s gone on to provide direct support for LSDream on his Peace, Luv, and Wubz tour and also has performed alongside the likes of Liquid Stranger, CloZee and tons of other industry heavyweights.

“Awaken” begins with a ghostly synth line. A voice asks “Where am I? Why are we here?” only for another voice to reply “You are awakening, Your rebirth, Your transformation.” The first voice then says “I don’t understand” and the second voice replies “Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not”. A drum kicks in, building rapidly to a drop, which is heavy but also mysterious, echoing and teasing the listener’s ears with synths atop a driving percussion arrangement. The second drop is even more dynamic, with a series of wonky synth arrangements creating an extraterrestrial tune with an experimental yet still danceable style. The track fades out, leaving us in silence as we ponder the meaning of the words and the mystery of the sounds that just hit our ears.

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