When it comes to artists that know how to truly take you on an emotional journey through sound, illanthropy is a name that continues to dazzle and take our breath away. The combination of his angelic, melodic elements with the beautifully dark cosmic regions of bass paints a captivating picture in the minds of the listeners as they are transported through time and space. The Boulder, CO-based showstopper returns to HeardItHereFirst today with yet another scintillating premiere, unleashing a powerful, bass-heavy tune from his forthcoming Optical Delusion EP. “Headcase” is here.

The last year especially has been an incredible ride for illanthropy. He released one of the best full-length projects of 2021 in “Find Your Mind” as well as his highly anticipated collab with Ravenscoon titled “Drowning”. He also threw down killer sets at Sound Haven and the Wakaan Takeover afterparty in Charlotte during NYE weekend.

This year, he is already off to a flying start, releasing collabs with rising bass talents Engix and Wolf-E-Wolf. He has also secured some sweet festival bookings at Bigfoot Electro in Tennessee as well as Dreamscape Festival in Maryland. With the amount of bangers that this man is currently sitting on, expect to see illanthropy’s name pop up more and more as he continues to carve his own path with his powerful, yet healing cosmic vibrations.

“Headcase” is the emotional outpouring that we all crave. It is a call to those who feel different or misunderstood to be proud of who they are and how far they have come in this life. There are so many instances where being different is actually a superpower, and that is exactly what illanthropy is conveying through this soul-stirring journey of a tune. Sit back and allow this one to unlock your full potential.

The energy within “Headcase” is off the charts. Beginning with a chilling intro, we are soon catapulted into illanthropy’s world. This earth-stomper of a tune features a strong lead that’s supported by heavy bass lines, meticulously-designed vocal samples, and fun, intergalactic elements. This powerful anthem is sure to heat up dance floors everywhere as we move closer and closer to Summer.

Here’s what illanthropy had to say about this massive track:

“This song is meant to be an anthem for people who feel different, who feel neglected or misunderstood. I am neurodivergent, and while I struggle in many ways because of this, I also feel this insane well of creativity and inspiration. I feel things intensely, sometimes to my detriment. But I am able to articulate those feelings through my music *because* they are so intense and so unavoidable. So I lean into those emotions, hard. I dive headfirst into heartbreak and write music in that space because I know at least one person will hear it and feel a little better. I value my listeners so much, and I want to be a beacon of support for “outsiders.” I believe my neurodivergence to be a superpower. This song is crazy high energy, and really it’s a calling to celebrate your differences in a super visceral way. It’s okay to be a “Headcase,” I wouldn’t be me otherwise.” – illanthropy

We cannot wait to hear the full Optical Delusion EP when it drops later this week. What did you think of “Headcase” by illanthropy? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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