AK RENNY, Share, and DEVOWR.‘s new single “Freaky” is out now through UK-based label YosH, and this one packs a punch. The willful disregard for genre norms has us excited to see what else these three have to offer.

AK RENNY has primarily built her sonic identity within the realm of House, as we can hear from her recent guest mix for NightEnjin. Alternatively, Share has leaned toward more melodic dubstep and future bass sounds and recently released a color bass flip of Fashion Killa” by A$AP Rocky. Finally, DEVOWR. has tended toward the deeper side of things, producing experimental bass music, including a prior collab with Share, titled “Absence.”

“Freaky” weaves each producer’s style together seamlessly. It opens with a subtle melodic bassline and an evolving earworm of a vocal line. This creatively processed hook is performed, we believe, by AK RENNY herself and immediately pulls the listener in. The first chorus introduces a breakbeat rhythm, synth stabs, and a deep but catchy bass riff. While this section pulls inspiration from Drum & Bass, it sits at a tempo that allows the track to flow seamlessly into a tasteful House groove that contains hints of EDM Trap as well. Finally, the last section leans fully into DEVOWR.’s deeper style. A short outro serves as a nice bookend for the track, and as a tool for DJs playing it out in a set.

AK RENNY’s House proficiency, DEVOWR.’s experimental trap, and Share’s penchant for catchy hooks and synth design are all showcased to a tee on this release. The bold, genre-blending style and club-shaking production are refreshing and unique. We can’t wait to see what these three will serve up in the future.

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