Having a strong 2022 already, Templo has carved a sound of his own very fast. He has proven to stand out from the crowd with his unique take on halftime. He has a strong resume, having released tunes on Street Ritual and Gravitas Recordings. On top of these killer releases, he will be playing multiple festivals this summer, such as YondervilleLightning in a BottleSonic Bloom, and Circus of Life. Today, Templo showcases a different sound from normal with his stunning EP, “Never Say Goodbye”.

Spanning five tracks, Never Say Goodbye” capitalizes on the opportunity for Templo to once again expand his horizons. Immediately as the first track “Metaluna” kicks off, you know this is going to be one journey. Templo provides an array of different tempos, melodies, basslines, and samples to keep fans energized throughout. The title track “Never Say Goodbye” feels like a mythical journey into sound, complete with an endless atmosphere of rhythm and melody. “Lost” returns to simple production and feels like a peaceful detour within the EP to celebrate the road that brought Templo to this point. “Everything You Know”  brings the energy back up with big bass and bigger wubz. “Stone Soul” closes out the EP on a jubilant note, and I really couldn’t think of a better way to cap off such a magical journey.

“Never Say Goodbye” is Templo’s most unique work to date. This is a gorgeous array of sounds that shows off what he’s capable of. Be sure to check out the EP below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials!

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