Vieira is back from a year-long hiatus with a new heater, aptly titled “Boo D. Shaker.”  The talented producer from the mountains of New York has taken the last year to re-imagine the vision for his project and comes back to the game swinging. The new single showcases his ability to harness the order in chaos, get grimey, and put out music that is both experimental and club-ready.

Vieira opens “Boo D. Shaker” with a mudslide of slimey, zappy synths and glitching effects. The vocal sample is teased then comes to the forefront as the track explodes into its chorus section. A huge 808 sits underneath the track, while punchy drums keep you moving. Wet, hectic synths fly around the acoustic space that Vieira has created, and his ability to keep this sound design from spinning out of control is impressive to say the least. It is chaotic, but it works oh so well. The second chorus section features a much more distorted low bass line with chopped and effected drum fills (think G Jones or Eprom), if you’re not careful it might blow your head off.

Vieira’s “Boo D. Shaker” is short but sweet, sitting at just under the two-minute mark. But Vieira fits a metric ton into the time he’s set for the track. I don’t even know what to compare this track to, it has twerk and trap vibes with some very experimental sound design. His technical production skills show us he’s kept himself busy this last year, and we’re excited what he has in store for us going forward! Here’s what Vieira had to say about the track:

“I made Boo D. Shaker with the intent of making something that can be as visceral and bombastic as possible. The vocal sample ironically comes from a much more laid back and mellow early 2000’s hip hop track that felt perfect for the job considering my love for combining things that typically contrast each other in stark ways” -Vieira

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