Hallucinate is next up to bring down the house on HIHF’s guest mix series. For his brand new contribution, he brings some serious vibage with a healthy dose of bass. This Florida production favorite has released music on Excision‘s Subsidia Records in the past as well as labels like Electric Hawk, Aspire Higher, and Wormhole Entertainment.

Today’s mix is jam-packed with bangers from Ternion Sound, FLY, Mport, Mindset, Eradikid, tons of other talented artists, and Hallucinate himself. Check it out below and be sure to support Hallucinate on social media!

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1.Hallucinate – Burning Bush

2.Wiley – Through The Street

3.Mindset – Brisbane

4.FLY – 100k

5.tenkai – LOUIS V

6.Untitld – Flex

7.Ternion Sound x Rick Ross (Hallucinate Edit)

8.Hallucinate – ID

9.L_o_J – Oz

11.Hallucinate – Green House

12.Kuhlin & Mikayli – Hash Blunts

13.wolfmagic – watch it

14.Eradikid – Godsend

15.vxrt w/ Phogen & Max Fuster – STFU

16.Mport – The Jiggler

17.impasta – early grey

18.Kimati x just John – Lost In The Desert

19.Hallucinate – Global Warming

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