Eradikid is a french producer who has gained traction through his massive, filthy bass releases over the past few years. Alongside support from the booming Wubaholics label, this artist is set to make a massive impact on the bass world any day now. The young artist has already released with boundary-pushing bass labels like Bassrush, GRVDNCR, Partica, Left Coast Xtracts, Wavecraft Collective, and of course, Wubaholics.

For the Paris bass producer’s contribution to our HIHF guest mix series, Eradikid brought out all the stops, jamming as many filth-fueled IDs into his mix as possible. The thirty-minute mix boasts unreleased tunes from Eazybaked, Smokland, Milano, Vide, Molokai, and tons more. We hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did!

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Vide x Anoxex – ID
Milano – ID
Eradikid – ID
Svspkt x Riz – ID
Eradikid – Ranfla
Eazybaked x Milano – ID
Vide – ID
Eradikid x Kick – Scarz
Eradikid – Compton
Svspkt – ID
Vide x Eazybaked – ID
Anoxex – ID
Eradikid – FUCK12
Molokai x Vide – ID
Milano – ID
Eradikid – Iced Up
Svspkt – ID
Anoxex – ID
Eazybaked x Vide – ID
Eradikid – Checked
Eradikid – ID
Anoxex – ID
Labs x Eradikid – ID
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