Returning from a long Drum & Bass hiatus, English bass music legend Jon “Spor” Gooch (who is also the mad scientist behind the Feed Me moniker) brings us a new EP titled Cave through deadmau5‘s renowned mau5trap label. The Spor project began in the early 2000s, and has been innovating on the sound of DnB ever since. This new body of work is no exception, with cutting-edge production and songwriting marking the Cave EP from Spor as a standout collection.

The first track off the EP is “Let Me Be.” Opening up with a muffled acid bass pattern and orchestral percussion, the track explodes into a chorus that showcases perfect percussion arrangement, bass design, and energy control. The acid bass bubbles underneath intricate drums, and outstanding bass shots rise through the mix in the perfect places. The second chorus features a grimy reese bass, a ‘Tokyo-Drift’-esque pluck pattern, and an evolution in the arrangement that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

“Hatchet” is the second track in the collection. It opens with an atmospheric blend of pads, vocalizations, and effects. A gritty bass makes way for a dirty lead that hints at the energy to come. The chorus EXPLODES! Warning: these basses might tear your head off! Old school rave stabs embellish the bass pattern, while the drums keep the energy high. The midsection features the atmospheric elements from the intro, with a nice breakbeat to keep the crowd dancing. The second chorus is a grimefest, with dirty reeses and bass shots sure to please. This is a modern take on an old school DnB rave anthem, and we love it.

“Throw Down Let Go” is the third entry, and features a mesmerizing vocal. The intro combines the vocal with a tasteful underlayer of breakbeats, arpeggios, and effects. The chorus is melodic yet heavy; it’s catchy in the extreme, with the repeated vocal hook singing the title lyrics every so often in seamless melodic symbiosis with the instrumental. The midsection features more vocals, a light breakbeat, and some faint arps. This minimalism lends itself to the explosive energy of the second chorus, which is more vocal-heavy than the first but features a similar instrumental structure. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This track is simply outstanding from start to finish.

The fourth and final track is “Hatfield Tunnel.” It opens up with effected vocal chops, an old-school arpeggio, a nice light drum pattern, and tasteful synth stabs. It builds up to a chorus that has more of a Liquid DnB feel than the previous tracks. A deep bassline rumbles underneath tight drums, tasteful synths, and vocal chops. The second half of the chorus features some amazing synth work, with fascinating sound design on full display. A short midsection brings us right into the second chorus, which features a classic ravey arpeggio, washed-out stabs, effected synths, and vocal chops all floating above a rich bass and energetic percussion. “Hatfield Tunnel” would be the perfect night-time driving song, which is perhaps an inspiration for its name.

Here is what Spor had to say about his newest body of work:

“My career as Spor ultimately was what led me to meeting Joel in London and signing with mau5trap, something that was a huge catalyst and substantially altered my life. It made sense to me to finally bring these two entities together with a release. ‘Cave’ was the Latin motto of my hometown at that time, as well as a refuge, solitude, fortification, and a creative space. Holed up, nocturnal, pushing for driving energy and exploring with sound- that is a location I can always come back to.” – Spor

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