EDM legend Feed Me has returned with a brand new album, self-titled, and out now through Sotto Voice!

Jon Gooch, also known as Feed Me, has always steered away from what the normal electronic music world would consider normal. Not only does he release under his electro and bass moniker, but he also goes under Spor, his drum and bass alias. His interest in music began when he rummaged through his parent’s music collection, which included bands like Pink Floyd and Radiohead. This gave the producer an interest in how the sounds were made, which were mostly self-taught. Since then, he has given himself the freedom to move through these three aliases, creating whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

He released his newest LP on his own label, Sotto Voce. This gives Feed Me the freedom and creativity to make the music that he truly wants to. The new project inspires influence from every side of the dance music spectrum, ranging from mind-blowing dubstep to filthy electro basslines.

When he is not busy making music, Jon makes time to tour and show the world his production. While his Feed Me alias currently has no dates on its schedule, you can catch Gooch at Infrasound Music Festival on September 30th under Spor, his DnB alias. This will for sure excite drum and bass fans who attend the festival. If you have a chance to catch either a Spor or a Feed Me set, do NOT miss out on that opportunity. 

The album’s single, “Reckless”, is a synth-pop masterpiece. Gorgeous synths over the talented vocalist, Tasha Baxter, take listeners on a sonic soundscape that will have you grinning from ear to ear! This track is also paired with a wonderful music video, directed by Feed Me, so you can watch and enjoy this wonderful song to its full momentum! 

Here’s what Feed Me had to say about his new album:

Representing both a literal and figurative exploration of creation and destruction against a similarly themed global backdrop, this album is a diary of distilled creative process, folding between analog and digital in a way that mirrors the combination of hazy nostalgia and technological idealism that I’ve come to realize frame my motivation.   – Feed Me

If the new Feed Me album left you smiling, let us know down in the comments below! Also, let us know which cut was your favorite!

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