CHOMPPA is one of many underground bass producers who has been crushing it as of late. With performances at Lollapalooza, Firefly, Forbidden Kingdom, and Infrasound Festival, he’s continuing to garner huge bookings, notably multiple supporting slots for Zeds Dead across the country, including their Deadrocks 8 Red Rocks show.

With recent releases on Doctor P and Flux Pavilion‘s legendary Circus Records and Liquid Stranger‘s fan-favorite Wakaan label, this young talent has big things on the horizon. Today, he unleashes a brand new EP featuring some filthy, headbangin’ heaters. Alien Tongues is the newest addition to CHOMPPA’s quickly growing discography and showcases the hefty production styles he has become well known for with this most recent independant release.

The title and intro track starts off with some brutal wubs at the forefront of the tune. It quickly delves into a more sinister bassline that is sure to be a festival stage hit this summer. The next track is “Danger,” an absolutely vicious dubstep weapon. Featuring an insanely complex and captivating drop, this one is a must-add to any headbanger’s playlist. Lastly, we have “Ghostly.” This final track brings CHOMPPA fans a more experimental soundscape, utilizing disgusting low-end womps and blasting them into the listener’s ears and face. This three-track voyage is certainly extraterrestrial and out of this world.

Here’s what CHOMPPA had to say about the new Alien Tongues EP:

“This collection of tracks represents where this project began, as I have had them in the vault for the last couple of years. My sound, style, and inspirations have changed drastically since writing these tunes and it feels almost cathartic to finally be releasing this older side of CHOMPPA into the world. At the time I leaned into the “banger” side of bass music much more, with influences like PEEKABOO and Dirt Monkey, but have since shifted my musical interests towards the deep, complex, and more emotional sides of the genre. My hope with this EP is that people hear where my head was at when I was first getting into bass music and are ready for a sonic transition when this newer music eventually comes out.

It’s always nerve-wracking to release anything on your own without the support of a label; you lose the built-in fanbase and budget for essentials such as artwork, mastering, marketing, etc. Having said that, I’m very much looking forward to the response from the community and excited for the challenge of pushing this EP out through personal resources. I’ve done mostly label releases for this project, so it will be nice to continue building a more organic following with Alien Tongues.” – CHOMPPA

CHOMPPA stated that he hopes to explore some different sub-genres of bass music moving forward, so keep an eye out for some more experimental stuff from the rising star, maybe some 140? He’s hinted at that in the past.

What did you think of the Alien Tongues EP? Let us know down below in the comments and be sure to show him some love on socials!

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