Two-and-a-half revolutions around the sun without the beloved electronic trap staples Stööki Sound had us itching for their homecoming. Confirming a decade through time and space since the launch of their project, they have answered our prayers with their long-awaited reappearance to the scene. Stööki Sound is back after a two-and-a-half-year pause with “Lost”, fabricating the same sound and öriginality only two-and-a-half-times the energy.

It’s safe to say Stööki Sound was a contributing pioneer to the infamous electronic trap era (that, by the way, has never left). Alongside icons such as HU₵₵I and TNGHT, the UK-duo jELACEE and DJ Lukey initiated a shift in the matrix as they transmitted healing frequencies across the globe and beyond.

It’s always a nostalgic and wholesome journey to dive deep down the Stööki Sound rabbit hole, digging through their essentials like “Ball So Hard”, “W2L (Welcome to London)”, and “UPPERS”. There’s nothing better than anticipating that iconic beat tag one second before a charismatic release of that electronic woodblock-sounding trap. It’s about time we got to hear that again.

Lost” is their official launch of influential progression and divine originality. Trapstyle elements flood the track’s astral plane, paying homage to their roots while further pushing their sound. Universal echoes touch down from the heavens through orchestral buildups and otherworldly breakdowns. It’s nothing less than the unimaginable; we’re strapped in and ready to witness the greatest comeback of all time.

Here are some words they took to Instagram as they announced their return:

“In 2012 we started Stooki Sound. In 2019 we ended it. The world has changed a lot since then and gave us a great deal of time to think. We came together and decided that the journey is only over if we wanted it to be. After a decade since the start, it’s fitting that we should start again. New Music, New Merch, New Visions. Same Stooki Sound. Originality Never Ends.” – Stööki Sound

We hope “Lost” from Stööki Sound is everything you dreamt of. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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