To say that we are massive fans of Farrah would be an understatement. Her grim and pensive approach to electronic Trap has propelled her work and earned her massive reach all the way from Hong Kong. A trailblazer in the East Asian Bass and electronic Trap scene, her work has not gone unnoticed in the states with releases spanning aptly across Jadu Dala, Bassrush, Electric Hawk, and more. Today, Farrah delivers yet another freshly fused electronic Trap heater, “Arrival.”

“Arrival”  gently tears open and oozes out hauntingly beautiful organs, then quickly takes off, dragging us along for the ominous ride before releasing us into a blunder of fiery bass and synths. With the release of “Arrival,” Farrah makes a declaration of the new direction for her project that she’s finally honed in on what makes her music unique and this is the next level. In her own words,

Arrival is the song that was a turning point for me. Production wise, I finally felt 100% confident in who I am as a multi-genre lover and creator. The song blends influences from different sources of my life and it was an experiment of pushing myself so that I could make different moods work in one story. Visual wise, I felt that the aesthetic of the Farrah brand needed an evolution to signify the turning point and I’m so proud to have worked with soju to bring this vision to reality.

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