The dynamic duo Mahsiv and the bass design wizard Thew have teamed up for a new DnB single titled “But U Never.” The artists, all signed to the banger factory known as Wavecraft Collective, are young up-and-comers that deserve your attention STAT.

Mahsiv is a duo based out of Pheonix, AZ who have recently shifted their focus from traditional dubstep to drum and bass after experimenting with the uptempo genre and falling in love with it. Thew, on the other hand, has been putting out some of the rawest dubstep and halftime in the game for years. The result of these powerhouse producers putting their heads together is a DnB summer anthem that fires on all cylinders.

“But U Never” showcases the perfect synergy between Mahsiv and Thew’s sounds and production styles. It starts out with glitched-out and delayed chords that set the vibe of melodic yet still complex. Percussion is introduced to adjust the listener to the tempo of the piece, and then the chorus takes us away. Clean DnB drum patterns, vocal chops, catchy chords, and intricate fills transport the listener to a place of laid-back summer vibes while retaining high energy and danceability.

The midsection features a breakdown, vibey chords, sparkly ambiances, and shimmering vocal cuts. The second chorus builds upon the first with a great hook in its synth chords that intentionally shifts between moods in places, while the bassline pumps underneath it all. Thew and Mahsiv’s “But U Never” in its entirety is an upbeat, well-produced, danceable DnB anthem that we’ll be playing all summer long.

We can’t wait to hear what else Mahsiv and Thew have in store for us! What did you think of “But U Never”? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages!

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