HIHF-favorite NotLö has been on a TEAR! She has recently proven that she is capable of creating stunning bass music soundscapes with her recent Outskirts EP. She has been traveling all across the country, bringing her energetic stage presence and low-end frequencies far and wide. Last week, NotLö dropped yet another huge track for her quickly growing discography, titled “Expectations”.

With “Expectations”, NotLö proves once again that she has incredible range. This is a gorgeous liquid drum & bass track that hits all of the right notes! She kicks this tune off with an entrance that pulls you in with an array of sounds and samples that perfectly set the vibe. It’s within seconds it becomes even gnarlier with a bassline that sets the tone is just absolutely epic and immaculate.

After playing a sick nighttime set at Sonic Bloom this past weekend, NotLö will be hitting the legendary Electric Forest festival this Friday! She’ll be playing the Bassrush takeover at 4:00pm sharp at the Tripolee stage. This is a set you do not want to miss and we’re really excited to watch her crush yet another huge festival slot.

What did you think of “Expectations”? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts!

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