With the perfect blend of heavy bass and melodic influence, Ray Volpe has spent the last few years declaring himself as one of the most exciting acts in dubstep. Now, he has cemented that declaration with the most played track of EDCLV this year.

The proof is also in Ray Volpe’s hefty discography that he has built, spreading across prestigious labels like OWSLA, Buygore, Never Say Die, Subsidia, Disciple, and more. His mix of melody and headbanging bass within his works pull listeners from all ends of the dubstep spectrum. Today, Ray Volpe returns to his quickly growing fanbase to deliver the destructive festival and fan-favorite, “Laserbeam.”

“Laserbeam” creeps up on you with melodic suspense and almost immediately envelopes you in an electrifying buzz. Without notice, the sweet resonants disappear and are replaced with bellowing bass with one simple demand, “Bring out the lasers.” At each summit, Ray Volpe makes you wait a bit more before descending into chaos layered with luminous synths and beaming bass. In true Ray Volpe fashion, “Laserbeam” is sealed with a triumphant conclusion fueled by musical musings.

How many times will you run Ray Volpe’s “Laserbeam” back? Probably not more than us. Let us know how much you blast this one on our socials!

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