Seeing artists blossom into their complete form truly inspires the team at HIHF and is another reason we love what we do. One artist that has always stood out to us is the exceedingly adept Spaze Wizard. With releases on iconic labels such as Spicy BoisWakaanCyclops Records, and Subsidia Records, Space Wizard has gone a step further today, teaming up with GAWM and dropping their otherworldly collab, “Infernal Noise,” on notorious masked dubstep DJ Bear Grillz’ label Rude Service.

GAWM is no stranger to the game either. With multiple neck-breaking releases spanning renowned labels like Bassrush RecordsBassweight Records, and previous drops on Rude Service, these two artists seemed like an obvious choice to create a dynamic duo capable of producing pure filth for the dubstep mainstages.

Pairing GAWM’s heavy hybrid trap sound with Space Wizard’s left-field experimental bass style brought together a sinister sound on this new track. The collaborative banger begins with a pair of ominous voices and immediately switches it up into something interplanetary and extraterrestrial. The bass reverberates back and forth, tearing you up limb from limb, and dropping you into the infinity of darkness that is outer space. Space Wizard and GAWM flawlessly capture that unique sci-fi sound, taking you on an interstellar rollercoaster where anything can happen, and you’re just along for the ride.

Strap yourself in because you’re about to go for the ride of a lifetime with your co-captains, Space Wizard and GAWM. Did your mind take off too once you first heard “Infernal Noise?” Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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