Cratedigging is an artform that continues to stimulate the positive perception of the underground. It drives hope for the community and the future of electronic sounds. And yes, I believe the term “underground” is subjective and slightly overused; certain artists may fall into your “up-and-coming” category whereas other individuals, maybe those who are more niche-focused on that sub-genre or community, may tell you they already surpassed that mold. Regardless of the verbiage, we’re launching the cloud searching segment to highlight artists and tracks we believe need more recognition, irrespective of the phrase you may think classifies their status.

cloud searching: a curation of hand-picked electronic trap and future bass selections from the people, for the people

After spending hours drifting and clicking through the void of SoundCloud, we are happy to present the first arrangement of tracks for the series. A collection of electronic trap, future bass, future beats, and an array of experimental sounds that I’ve personally had a tough time narrowing down to fit a template. Anything goes as to what may be considered here; we have unofficial remixes, SoundCloud exclusives, debut singles, and even archives from low-profile side projects.

Now, let’s get started.

DAIZY – Stay

DAIZY has popped off with an already-impressive catalog of tunes since her very first solo release, which happened to be just four months ago. Yeah. Every one of her drops has been a hit, already showing us a variety of dubstep, future bass, and electronic trap. It’s only a matter of time until she makes waves across the globe.




PROBLEMS” is the perfect collision of hyperpop and electronic trap. It’s a high-intensity collaboration from Lasse and LIL UBER that has the energy of an end-of-the-summer anthem. Another repeat-ready tune that will instantly become a classic in your next playlist.



HOAX – throwin’ ones

What begins to sound something like a future beat, this piece unexpectedly drops off into an electronic trap banger with a Drake verse on top, complimenting the hard-hitting foundation of hypnotic synths and percussive flow patterns. HOAX is an artist who most definitely will make noise within the next year.



KUREI – stupiidboii.

We are big fans of KUREI here at HIHF. She makes music with an attitude, giving us bass-heavy beats intertwined with intricate sass. Her flow is crazy, and the way she uses a popstar acapella is untouchable.



Slowpalace – When I Die (featuring Bachyard Ghost)

Even if both Slowpalace and Bachyard Ghost have risen above their underground status, I still find the need to include this one, because more people need to be talking about this. Exceeding my already-high expectations, the chemistry from both artists’ devotion to their sound projected the track to turn out quite perfectly. It’s a great fusion of light and dark, heavy and delicate, and beautifully damned. It’s been on repeat since it dropped.



Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson) [aego remix]

aego has found themselves paving a distinct and creative lane in electronic music, taming orchestral distortion with ambient bass and formulating an indie-like vibe that ties it all together. They’ve appeared on the last two bitbird community compilations, giving us two separate tracks that perfectly replicate their accustomed thematic experience. The original version of “See You Go” might’ve been my favorite off of Moore Kismet’s latest album, so when I saw aego gave it a remix I instantly knew I’d fall in love with the sounds.




HYPERDAZE has a charming charisma that evades the forefront of his track roster’s entirety. He’s found his craft melding Hi This Is Flume sounds and metallic synths to concoct a fusion of experimental future bass that turns out madly melodic and uniquely beautiful.



Moonbase – Everyday (feat. Silou)

Here we have another track that sounds like it could’ve been placed on the Hi This Is Flume mixtape. Moonbase and Silou give us an experimental future bass aura that’s pretty and powerful. It must be hard to take some of these leads and turn them into something this good.



AN TY – Mystic

AN TY conducts compositions from the soul, for the soul. A tune that would absolutely smash in a live festival setting, “Mystic” is an anthem that brings back classic electronic trapstyle elements with innovative rhythm and technique. The bounce across the tone supplies it with extra ‘umph’ that’s critical for this level of impact.



xyz – need

xyz never misses. “need” is a future beat with bounce, overlayed by a few different recognizable lyrics that connect the contents like a puzzle piece. It has R&B undertones that give the beat that extra beauty and is one that requires a fully-charged speaker to give it the right justice.



Nadus – Marriage Proposal (WLLWS remix)

WLLWS takes Nadus’ “Marriage Proposal” and flips it upside down, painting the already-amazing original into a glitched-and-glammed masterpiece. WLLWS has a unique way of balancing future with experimental bass and electronic trap. He’s recently debuted his art across a few underground labels that have helped spread his message to the masses.



AWAY – Sleepwalker (feat. London Thor) [Rausch Remix]

Last year, Rausch won one of pluko’s remix competitions and has been releasing nonstop heat since. His sound is sharp and perceptible. When you drift through his catalog, the theme becomes potent. His take on AWAY’s “Sleepwalker” contributes to his clear-cut reality of originality and will have you soaring through the clouds.



Remy Heart – Next To Me

Next To Me” is a love song, giving us an alluring soundscape that takes us out of the body and into a realm of enchantment. Remy Heart has been racking up label releases and gaining the recognition he quite realistically deserves, I’m super excited to see where his journey takes him next.



selfworth – chapter 4: when the scythe be dull (porter robinson rmx)

Moore Kismet has made a name for themselves within the past few years, but their side project seems to have just begun. The story of selfworth launched about ten months ago with an impressive glimpse of dariacore, followed by a WIP and a trans pride tune shortly after. The fourth chapter of selfworth has been delivered and it’s a remix of Porter Robinson’s iconic Nurture cut “dullscythe,” so you can only imagine the magic behind it.



TSU NAMI – taller

Now, this may be a controversial one, considering TSU NAMI‘s recent rise and following. But, I had to include this SoundCloud rendition considering the change of pace we hear from her. A ballad inspired by Lido, “taller” is a purely sentimental piece and a dramatic breath of fresh air.


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