cloud searching is back with a second installment, locked and loaded with a handful of freshly picked gems grabbed right off the cloud. Tracking back to the segment debut where we discussed subjectivity in the underground, I’ve been focusing on artists with around 6K followers on SoundCloud or less. I hope this helps guide the criteria a little bit more.

Anyways, let’s get into it.

cloud searching | 002

episcool x Herzeloyde – Dark Mode

episcool is the future. Her recent track on Jadū Dala with Dabow and jordynmoody is a top-notch banger, but I felt the need to shine the light on her very-own label-curated collab with Herzeloyde, titled “Dark Mode“. It’s always a great time when SUS COLLECTIVE drops a tape, filled with some of the most innovative and wonky electronic trap beats to exist.




This BIA flip is an absolute banger. MANADA is another artist to watch, dishing out heat after heat alongside his entire STUNNA POSSE CULT.



Sonorous – Vitality

Deeply full and imposing, Sonorous is a mastermind at her craft. Friends of Headbang Society and Wubaholics, she’s paving her own lane as a Fractalliance artist, serving as a staple in underground dubstep. She will be taking over festival stages all across 2023.




As I previously mentioned, STUNNA POSSE has a range of artists that are dishing out new tracks left and right. This trifecta collaboration is simultaneously both beautiful and damned, developing a futuristic bass feel with electronic trap undertones. It’s a perfect vibe to fix your ideal Fantasy.



fred again.. – kammy (juuku flip)

In a world full of fred again.. remixes, it can feel overwhelming to hear so many recreations. This one stands out. juuku has a distinct sound and style when it comes to curations, but the second drop to this one blew me away. Starting off with his signature future bass and glitch-fueled trap, it progresses into a mesmerizing house flip. 10/10 recommend.



Vincent – Marathon (feat. JT Roach) [Lizdek Remix]

This side of Lizdek is pretty, poised, and proper. This Vincent flip with a charismatic atmosphere of both warm and chilled, kind of like that combination of hot tubs and winter. It’s moody and homely, like a cup of coffee in December.



Sam Smith – Unholy (feat. Kim Petras) [Cahaba Ruins Remix]

This is my first time hearing Cahaba Ruins, but it definitely set a lovely first impression. I hear some similarities in sound with anöther artist I cherish, but I’m also not too sure if they’re related or not. I will definitely be on the löökout for them.



Sam Smith – Unholy (feat. Kim Petras) [BAGG Remix]

Every time I see a BAGG flip floating around, I immediately get excited. He’s been pumping out uniquely distorted, electronic trap beats all year long. With an already impressive discography, I’m thrilled to watch him emerge from the underground within the next year.




Another day, another iconic tune from DAIZY. Teaming up with SAINT MILLER, their intertwined frequencies form an unfathomable enigma.



Brenda Vega & B-Dos – backroads

Experimental bass from the future, “backroads” is a journey to the unknown. Brenda Vega gifts the track with angelic vocals that meld perfectly with that B-Dos sound.



KUREI – Rotation

Another utterly-shameless grab from the newest SUS COLLECTIVE tape, we have “Rotation” with KUREI. I couldn’t help but include this one too. She is definitively one of the most outstanding chemists to concoct grit and sass with an acapella. We love to see it.




Drifting down over to the realm of deep-ish house, we have “ON MY OWN” from RXPHY. Creator of The Music Blender, RXPHY is leading a collective of new-aged electronic trap that will, without a doubt, produce some steam in 2023.



Wreckno & 7UDO – Strange Thoughts (Eyezic Remix)

Here at HIHF, we are devoted fans of Eyezic. This remix came as a subtle surprise but glistened our eardrums gently. Eyezic has formed such an organic sound that pairs beautifully with this Wreckno and 7UDO original.


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