What happens when you combine the legendary dubstep label DUPLOC with the big-brained boys of Ternion Sound? A massive celebration of sound, that’s what. The world-renowned and well-respected platform, DUPLOC, is celebrating ten years of incredible releases every Monday starting in October, and going all the way through December. ENiGMA Dubz kicked things off and now Ternion Sound are stepping up to take their turn and carry on the torch with Tactics EP [DUPLOC10YRS002].

In true Ternion fashion, the boys are bringing the heat with five exquisite tracks, starting off with the long-awaited dubplate, “Tactics.”  This hypnotizing creation reminds us of those late-night festival sets, where darkness has taken over but the energy remains. There’s just something that hits right with those slowed beats mixed with the low-end frequencies. “Tactics” is a pleasurably elegant dubstep tune and a great way to kick off what’s to come with the rest of this release.

“Strobe” follows up that late-night energy, with a chilling mix of sounds that pull you in the moment things begin. There’s something almost serene about this one. While it has darker layers, there’s also this sense of pure tranquility. Like floating in the middle of a lake, not a worry in the world, just you and nature. Ternion Sound captured a wonderful feeling of solitude while also highlighting their immense craftsmanship.

Continuing with those feelings of equanimity, we are met with “Cloud 9.”  Imagine yourself being weightless, drifting through space and time. The first half of the track has this sophisticated little foundation to it, while the last half starts to get a bit darker, adding in murkier and more brooding features.  Now, the last two tracks you’ve more than likely heard already, especially if you’re a big fan and have been catching or watching their sets. “Vision Quest,” from  BLXCK TXPES 1.0, and “Catacombs” with LOST from DUPLOC043. These massive tracks are true to the sound system culture and to that sweet, sweet Ternion sound, and nothing beats hearing them rinsed out on a proper system.

The minds behind Ternion Sound are incredibly brilliant, and they consistently keep the 140 / dubstep sounds and passion alive here in the states. Their Tactics EP is yet another reminder of just that. They’ve released countless projects with DUPLOC, so it only makes sense to have them celebrate the ten year anniversary. Big ups to Ternion Sound, we cannot wait to hear what you create next!

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Featured image from: @_johnverwey

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