Multi-style talent Low Poly is back with another dance floor shaker in “Whiplash”, out now as part of an eight-track compilation album between Wavecraft Collective and Saturate Records.

Following the release of his stunning four-track Contact Sparks EP in June, Low Poly has continued to level up in the studio, perfecting his craft while also continuing to test the limits of what’s possible in sound design and flow. He’s played a couple of really cool shows since then, including an Alter/Ego showcase in Los Angeles with Hex Cougar, EASTGHOST, REMNANT.EXE, and several other boundary-pushing talents. Additionally, he played in quite the underground renegade setting in the San Diego area with Eugene and Quackson, highkey looking like a west coast DEF event.

“Whiplash” is a flow flex of a tune, keeping the listener head-nodding with a crispy and clean drum pattern. It is part of the Wavecraft Collective x Saturate Records HALFTONE compilation album, which featured tracks from some of the most forward-thinking names in the game right now like SUAHN, Chark, Phydra, Flix and more. The multiple bass stabs along with dark synth atmospheres keep this one really fun in kind of a dark way. It’s always so impressive to hear how Low Poly blend so many different sounds together so cohesively. This is exactly one of those types of songs you hope to hear at the renegade function. It’ll keep you loose, fresh, and yearning for more music from Low Poly.

We’re looking forward to following Low Poly’s growth and success as we head into the new year. What did you think of “Whiplash” by Low Poly? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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